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WildlifeDrawing EXOTICS 2017 classesComing Soon...

Owls of the World 

Saturday 3rd June 2017 ~ 10am-5pm

Honnington Farm, Kent.

Wild Life Drawing and Sky Birds of Prey are pleased to present a full day workshop out in the Kent countryside with seven owl species – including the Great Horned Owl, Tawny, Barn, Bengal and European Eagle Owls, an African Spotted and Larry the Little Owl! We will spend the morning drawing the birds from life and learning all about their habitats, diets and expert hunting techniques. During the afternoon, we will experience the birds in flight and participants will have the chance to fly the magnificent owls and learn the basics of falconry. This experience day is open to all ages and abilities and we welcome children aged twelve and above if accompanied by an adult.

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