WildlifeDrawing Birds 2017 classes

Rescue Dogs

Sunday 28th July 2019

12pm-2pm (£28 - £10 donated to Wild at Heart Foundation)

At Town Hall Hotel, E2 9NF

Delighted to announce another special Wild Life Drawing class in collaboration with Wild at Heart to raise money and awareness for their worthy canine causes. We’ll be drawing WAHF rescue dogs of all different sizes, breeds and colours; and all of them have happy rehoming stories to tell. £10 from the price of each ticket will be donated to Wild at Heart Foundation – and we'll be joined by members of their team to tell us all in person about some of the neutering projects they run overseas and how they're working to combat the brutal mistreatment suffered by strays, plus advice on ways we can get involved to help.




WildlifeDrawing Birds 2017 classes


Tuesday 30th July 2019

7pm-9pm (£30)

At Walthamstow Wetlands, N17 9NH

Join us at Walthamstow Wetlands for an evening of lovely lizards, with our old favourites Deano the Iguana, Roxy the Bosc Monitor, Bearded and Water Dragons and as well as two rare breeds – the Crested Gecko and the Knight Anole (both worth a quick google!) All these animals are either rescues or ex-pets from a local reptile sanctuary and we will be discussing the complex care they require, responsible pet ownership, the dangers of the exotic pet trade and any conservation issues affecting these species around the world.

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WildlifeDrawing Birds 2017 classes

Donkeys & Ponies

Wednesday 31st July 2019

11am-1pm (Families) & 2pm-4pm (Adults) (£25-£35)

At Richmond Art School, TW9 2RE

We’ll be making the most of the summer once again with our next class in the Richmond Art School courtyard – this time with two donkeys and a little Shetland pony. These hooved wonders will be visiting summer the summer holidays and we have classes available for both families and adults. Attendees will be taught how to draw these beautiful animals, and we’ll look in detail at their anatomy, proportions and muscle structure. We’ll also learn about the origins of donkeys and ponies, their domestication by humans and any welfare issues affecting them across the globe. All materials provided and all abilities welcome.

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WildlifeDrawing Birds 2017 classes


Sunday 4th August 2019

11am-1pm & 2pm-4pm (£30)

At Ace Hotel, E1 6JQ

Delighted to announce a day of drawing classes with colourful parrots on the top floor of Ace Hotel this summer. We'll be meeting and drawing four vividly colourful Macaws – Scarlet, Blue & Gold, Blue Throated and a Hyacinth Macaw. These beautiful birds will be accompanied by one of the UK's leading parrot experts, who works to boost populations of rare and endangered species in the wild. We will learn all about these colourful and charismatic birds; their intelligence and ability to talk, their lives in the wild and the many conservation issues affecting the birds in rainforests across the world.

11am-1pm SOLD OUT



WildlifeDrawing Birds 2017 classes

Rare Birds

Monday 5th August 2019

7pm-9pm (£27.50)

At Carousel London, W1U 8AB

Join us to meet three amazing rare birds; a female Hooded Vulture, a Chilean Blue Eagle and a Great Grey Owl. All these birds have interesting hunting techniques – the Great Grey is able to hear prey under two feet of snow with those huge facial discs and dives feet-first to catch it’s prey whereas the hooded vulture is a scavenger and feeds off carrion using it’s bald head to pick meat scraps out of the carcass. All these birds will be accompanied by dedicated and expert falconers who will be able to tell us plenty of facts about these beautiful birds and any conservation issues affecting them in the wild. A truly unique drawing opportunity! All abilities and bird lovers welcome.




WildlifeDrawing Birds 2017 classes

Botanical Illustration

Tuesday 13th August 2019

7pm-9pm (£28)

At Arboretum, WC2H 0HF

Come draw and explore the wonderful world of flowers and plants at Arboretum, a new ecologically inspired, environmentally focussed venue in Covent Garden. Locally grown plants and seasonal flowers, succulents, cacti and other fabulous foliage will make up a variety of botanical displays to inspire your artworks. The class will commence with an introduction into Botanical Illustration and a variety of materials will be on offer to experiment with throughout the class. The drawing class is a two hour taster of Botanical Illustration, suitable both for those after a fun evening of creativity and for more experienced artists looking to try something new.

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WildlifeDrawing Birds 2017 classes

Birds of Prey

Friday 16th August 2019

7pm-9pm (£26)

At South Hill Barn, Seaford Head

Delighted to be running a drawing class as part of The Green Show, curated by Seaford Contemporary Illustrators and Printmakers (SCIP) to celebrate themes of nature, the landscape and environment - with particular focus on the South Downs. There will be workshops, lectures and exhbitions and our class will take place in the beautiful South Hill Barn right out on the picturesque Seaford Head. We'll meet owls and raptors, learn about their habitats and conservation from our expert falconers, and explore the links to the indigenous birds of South East England. All materials provided, all abilities welcome.

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WildlifeDrawing Birds 2017 classes

Woodland Animals

Tuesday 27th August 2019

7pm-9pm (£28 - 10% donated to South Essex Wildlife Hospital)

At Arboretum, WC2H 0HF

Later in August we’ll be meeting and drawing species found in our British countryside, and looking in detail at the complex ecosystems that support all natural life. We’ll be sketching hedgehogs (African Pygmy), rabbits, mice, rats, snakes, snails and frogs and learning about how their indigenous counterparts contribute to this ecosystem, and the many conservation issues that are affecting it’s careful balance. We will touch on rewilding and ways we can get involved to help, from planting bee-friendly plants to creating wildlife corridors. 10% of each ticket will be donated to the South Essex Wildlife Hospital.

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WildlifeDrawing Birds 2017 classes


Saturday 31st August 2019

12pm-2pm (£28)

At Vauxhall City Farm, SE11 5HS

Come join us at Vauxhall City Farm to meet and draw their incredible herd of friendly Alpacas. We will be getting up close and personal with three woolly wonders – named Ben, Jerry and Tom – as we draw them from right inside their paddock. The class will start with an introduction from the Farm Manager, where we'll learn about their personalities and lives on the farm as well as discussing the unique properties of their fleece, their incredible history with ancient humans and their unique haircuts! All ages and abilities welcome!




WildlifeDrawing Birds 2017 classes

Wildflowers in Watercolour

Sunday 1st September 2019

11am-4pm (£55 - includes entry to exhibition)

At The Garden Museum, SE1 7LB

Join us to explore the wonder of wildflowers using the medium of watercolour – taking our inspiration from the iconic illustrated Ladybird Books featured in the museum's latest exhibition. We will be working from seasonal British wildflowers and all abilities are welcome – from beginners to seasoned artists looking for a new challenge. You will be taught the basics of observational drawing to provide the foundation for your watercolour paintings, then we will progress onto brushwork, colour mixing and mark-making – with time for you to explore your own style. All materials will be provided and we’ll take a tour around the current show for an extra dose of botanical inspiration.

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WildlifeDrawing Birds 2017 classes


Monday 2nd September 2019

7pm-9pm (£10)

At Hyde Park, W2 2UH

Wild Life Drawing is delighted to support Mission: Invertebrate in collaboration with the Royal Parks Foundation with a class championing the invaluable insects and invertebrates which play such a key part in our ecosystem. We’ll be meeting, drawing and learning all about tarantulas, scorpions, giant African land snails, leaf insects, stick insects, cockroaches and giant millipedes. Although some of these animals are from hotter climates, we’ll be using this class as an opportunity to discover more about the indigenous invertebrates that we are more familiar with here in the UK – house spiders, garden snails and ant colonies that we find in our gardens and local parks.

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WildlifeDrawing Birds 2017 classes

Coral Reefs

Wednesday 4th September 2019

7pm-9pm (£28 - 50% donated to the Sea Life Trust)

At London Aquarium, SE1 7PB

This year the London Aquarium unveiled their incredible new Coral Kingdom, housing the largest living coral reef in the UK. We'll be celebrating with another after hours class focussing on the important issue of coral conservation, as many reefs around the world are suffering dramatic destruction due to climate change, ocean acidification and overfishing. We will be drawing and exploring carefully nurtured living corals and the ecosystems they support in the 40ft tank; with fish including regal tangs, clownfish and cardinal fish and animals such as cleaner shrimp, starfish, hermit crabs and amazing anemones. As the night progresses we will see the coral start to glow bright neons with their bioluminescence.

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