WildlifeDrawing Birds 2017 classes


Sunday 29th July 2018

12.30pm-2pm & 2.30pm-4pm (£25)

At Ace Hotel, E1 6JQ

Join us to celebrate our favourite of all insects – the hardworking bee. WLD has teamed up with urban beekeepers Pearly Queen Honey for a unique drawing class designed to educate attendees all about bees and their conservation. We will be drawing live honeybees that have built up their honey comb into glass cloches so we can draw them in their natural environment. The team at Pearly Queen Honey will be describing how bees make honey and there will be local honeys for all to taste. Bee populations across Europe are in serious decline and we will use this class to discuss the importance of bees and how we can help. 10% of each ticket will be donated to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

12.30pm-2pm 2.30pm-4pm



WildlifeDrawing Birds 2017 classes


Tuesday 31st July 2018

11am-1pm (Families) & 2-4pm (Adults)

At Richmond Art School, TW9 2RE

Our three favourite Alpacas – Tom, Berry and Jerry – from Vauxhall City Farm will be visiting Richmond Art School for a special outdoor drawing class this summer holiday. These particular Alpacas are extremely friendly, inquisitive and are a little bit famous (they were in Star Wars!) Classes are on sale for both families and adults, and we will be learning all about these amazing animals; the incredible properties of their hypoallergenic fleece, how they communicate through humming and why they spit! All drawing materials are provided, along with helpful hints and alpaca snacks for feeding!

11am-1pm 2pm-4pm



WildlifeDrawing Birds 2017 classes

Round the World Trip

Wednesday 1st August 2018

7pm-9pm (£26 – 10% donated to South Essex Wildlife Hospital)

At The Doll's House, N1 1RQ

Join us for a Round the World Trip, where we will meet, draw and learn about animals from different continents. Hailing from Australia will be Simon the Skink and the little rescued Sugar Gliders, who feed on the sweet sap of the of eucalyptus trees in the Australian Rainforest. From the Americas we will meet loveable and friendly 'pests' – Blossom the Skunk and Odie the Opossum. Our African species will be the Pygmy Hedgehog and special guest invertebrates the Land Snails and Giant Millipedes. We will learn how these animals have adapted to their particular habitats and the different evolutionary paths.




WildlifeDrawing Birds 2017 classes

Horses & Ponies

Saturday 18th August 2018

11am-1pm (£26)

At Vauxhall City Farm, SE11 5HS

There's a reason why horses are so prominent in art – as well as being a significant part of travel and agriculture before the motor was invented, horses also symbolise strength, courage and beauty. For the first time this summer we will be meeting and drawing the friendly horses and ponies on Vauxhall City Farm. Mostly Cob breeds, these horses range in height and colour. We will be learning all about the animals and discussing the welfare issues affecting horses worldwide. We will begin with an in-depth introduction into equine anatomy with plenty of tips. A brilliant drawing class for horse-lovers, animators or life-drawers looking for a new challenge!

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WildlifeDrawing Birds 2017 classes

Botanical Illustration x Petalon

Sunday 19th August 2018

2pm-5pm (£35)

At The Old Dairy, E5 0PT

Excited to announce a special Botanical Illustration class with Florence Kennedy of Petalon. Florence built up her successful flower-delivery-by-bicycle business from scratch and now her floral designs adorn shop fronts, special events and selected weddings. For this 3 hour class, Florence will be creating arrangements with seasonal summer blooms for you to sketch and there will be a wide range of materials with which to experiment – with artist Jennie Webber demonstrating techniques including watercolours and brush pens. Our aim is for everyone to go home with a deeper understanding of flowers, a greater confidence in using different materials and artworks they can be proud of!

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WildlifeDrawing Birds 2017 classes

British Birds

Tuesday 21st August 2018

6.30pm-9pm (£30)

At Walthamstow Wetlands, N17 9NH

Join us after hours at London's largest wetland nature reserve, for a whole evening of British Birds this summer. We will begin with a private wildlife walk around the wetlands to view the indigenous and migrating waterfowl that make use of the reservoirs. To follow, we’ll learn to draw British Birds of Prey with breeds including the Peregrine Falcon, Barn and Tawny Owls. We will be introduced to these fine feathers with a detailed talk from our expert falconer and learn about their habitats, hunting techniques and urban adaptions. You'll learn where to spot these birds in the wild and the current conservation issues affecting these species with a donation made to London Wildlife Trust with each ticket sold.

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